#1 Pre-Ceremony / Getting Ready

Using soft, natural light (which sometimes needs to be created), I generally aim to capture the “in the moment” shots of everyone getting ready. I also work to “find” the shot rather than “create” it. However, there will be a few shots that I will set up at this time, such as the bride’s dress hanging, accessories, and of course those beautiful individual portraits of the bride and groom when they are looking their best!

#2 The Ceremony

The ceremony is all about capturing those genuine emotions. As the photographer, I try to go unnoticed during this time but still provide the feeling of immersion through the images by capturing all those moments, big or little.

#3 Field Photography

This is where the fun and creativity comes out - all bets are off! These photos are about capturing the couple and their wedding party. Every wedding party is different, and it’s important to capture their unique personality. Most people prefer to take these pictures outside, which can be affected by weather. Being able to find what works best for any type of lighting or weather is crucial. Similarly, if pictures are taken inside, the ability to envision, set-up, light, and quickly move between shots is invaluable. In the end, this is where many of your most memorable, fun, and frame-worthy pictures are taken.

#4 The Reception

Decorations, the Grand March, cake cutting, speeches, first dances, dancing, etc. Receptions are filled with so many special moments in such a short time, all of which need the right lighting techniques. It’s all about capturing the fun moments that you and your guests have throughout the night.

#5 The Final Shot

I like to end the night with one last stunning shot of the bride and groom. Having time for me to prepare and set-up some lighting for a scene helps make for a dramatic shot that is different from anything else throughout the day.